Oz Is Oz is the sixth episode of Season 3 of CBS's Zoo. It is the thirty-second episode overall in the series, and aired on August 3, 2017.

Plot Synopsis

Mitch seeks to rescue Clementine from her captors and a glimpse into Jackson's sister Abigail's past reveals the origins of the hybrids.

Other Cast

Co Stars

  • Natalie Moon as News Anchor
  • Arran Henn as News Reporter
  • Hugo Raymundo as Enrique
  • Breanna Watkins as Abendegos
  • Daniel Arnold as Daniel Vashman
  • Marcus Aurelio as Vicente
  • Alistair Weir as Swat #1
  • Hannah Drew as Technician
  • Demord Dann as Armed Guard
  • Dan Shea as Auction Guard #3



  • Vicente (Killed by a Lion)
  • Enrique (Killed by a Lion)