Minako Oz
Biographical Information
Full Name: Minako Oz
Status: Deceased
Home: Tokyo, Japan
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Show Information
First appearance: "The Silence of the Cicadas"
Latest appearance: "The Silence of the Cicadas"
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Minako Oz was a minor character in Zoo. She was a Japanese woman married to Robert Oz, Jackson Oz's father.


Early Life

Minako was a student at Harvard, writing her thesis on trophic interactions and plankton ecology, when she met Professor Robert Oz. She was fascinated by his work.

After he was fired from Harvard for his animal evolution theories, he sunk into a deep depression. Minako convinced him to continue his work and offered her family's money to sustain them since he was broke at time.

The last time they spoke, Robert was thrilled because he had finally understood. Minako suspected he had discovered why the animal behavior was changing. She didn't know for sure since he didn't want to say it on the phone.

Season 1

When Jackson and Abraham went to Tokyo to get the rest of Robert's research they met Minako after knocking on her door. Minako recognized Jackson immediately from photos Robert kept. Even though she didn't have what they were looking for she knew where Robert kept it, in an radioactive island near Fukushima, where he conducted his last experiments.

While she, Jackson and Abraham were flying to the island, their plane was attacked by a big group of bats, causing it to crash. Minako didn't survive.