Elizabeth Oz is a minor character in Zoo. She is a doctor working in Botswana and the mother of Jackson Oz.


Elizabeth was the first wife of Robert Oz and together they had a son, Jackson. However, Robert could never complete his theories because there was always something missing, which ended up driving him to insanity.

To get away from him, Jackson made his mother accept a job offer in Africa. They have been living for 12 years in Botswana when the show began.

When Jackson tells him he thinks his father's theories are in fact right, Elizabeth tries to dissuade him, in fear of Jackson ending up like Robert. However, when Jackson asks for the rest of his father's research, Elizabeth tells him where to find them


Almost a year after Jackson left, Elizabeth went missing. Apparently, they were headed to Mozambique but they never made it there. Later, it is revealed that her caravan was attacked, but when Jackson arrives to see if she survived, he does not find her but a villager reveals that she attacked the entire caravan. A few hours later, Jackson and Abraham see if they can find her and eventually they do find her. However, due to being infected by the ghost gene that Abraham has put into her all those years ago, she gone into a feral state so terrible that even the lions were running away from her. She attacks Abraham, almost killing him until Jackson makes the ultimate and difficult decision to shoot her