Abraham Kenyatta
Biographical Information
Full Name: Abraham Kenyatta
Status: Alive
Home: Namanga, Kenya (formerly)

Botswana, Africa (formerly)

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Occupation: Safari Guide [Formally]


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black (Bald)
Eye color: Brown
  • Unnamed Grandma †

Unnamed father

  • Unnamed mother
  • 2 Unnamed Brothers †
  • Simon † (Cousin)
  • Daniel (Cousin)
  • Isaac (Son)
Show Information
Portrayed by: Nonso Anozie
First appearance: "First Blood"
Latest appearance: "Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam"
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Keeping secrets are just another type of lie. That's not the way you treat someone you love.
— Abraham to Dariela in The Contingency

Abraham Kenyatta is a main character on the TV series Zoo. He is Jackson's best friend, and partner when giving tours around the bush in Botswana. He had a rough upbringing, losing both his brothers to gang violence. After escaping the violence he moved to Botswana changed his name to Abraham and became a safari guide. There he meet Jackson and Elizabeth, who became like family to him. Later when he and Jackson were recruited to help find a cure for the animal crisis, Abraham serves as the group's muscle, and often times the one getting his hands dirty protecting the group or capturing an animal they need. He may come across as rough at times, he is mainly the group's heart and moral compass.

Early Life

Abraham was born in Kenya, Africa. He had two brothers and one cousin named Simon when Abe was 13. A rogue military group raided his village, killing his parents and taking him and his brothers in. A few days later, the army put Abe and his brothers in an initiation where Abe was told he would shoot one of his brothers, but the other would be a slave if he didn't shoot, they would both be killed. Abe chose for both of them to die, knowing that they would both not have to suffer. 5 years later, he escaped and changed his name.

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