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• 7/7/2018

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• 9/27/2017

Why not name the baby Max?

You know something I don't understand about the last two episodes is why clementine couldn't pick a name for the baby. Since it was revealed she was having a boy I figured one of the male characters would die, and she'd name the baby after them. However she could never decide a name for the baby after he was born. Then when she did decide on a name she decided to name the baby after Sam, someone she barely knew and was working with Abigail.
In my opinion she should have named the baby Max after her grandfather. He risked his life, and died protecting the team from the hybrid spheres. Max gave his life, and if it wasn't for him everyone would have died.
Another possibility is she could have named the baby Logan. Yes she had already Samuel, but Logan died trying to protect them. Also we've heard how close clementine and Logan were during the 10 year time jump so his death must have had a big effect on her.
What does everyone else think was it stupid for clementine to name her baby Sam or are you ok with it?
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• 8/31/2017

Low Season 3 Rattings

Hi everyone
now that season 3 is winding down it's that time when networks start deciding on what shows to renew, and what shows to cancel for next summer. Now if anyone has paid attention the rattlings this season have significantly dropped from last season. This really worries me that the show could be cancelled for next year. I feel it could suffer a same fate as under the dome did a few years ago. Both shows were promoted as the networks biggest shows during the first 2 seasons. However they both dropped significantly in season 3. I really hope Zoo doesn't get cancelled, because it is one of my favorite shows year round. In the end if the show does get cancelled I hope all the editors stay to help continue to grow the page afterwards, so people who may find it later on Netflix can have a place to come to find information on the show.
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• 7/21/2017

Welcome to the Terra Dome Episode Discussion

Here is the first episode discussion for tonight's new episode. Post your thoughts, and feelings of tonight's episode.
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• 7/17/2017

Thanks to new editors

First I want to say thanks to all the new editors who have recently joined, and are helping to expand this wiki page. After this weeks episode airs I'm going to start an episode discussion forum for people to discuss the episode. My only request is people don't talk about spoilers. Also I'm not the creator of this wiki page, and have been trying to unlock the house page. I have an idea of how to improve it, but can't unlock because only the creator can unlock the page. If anyone knows another way please let me know. Again thanks for all your help, it's most appreciated since I've been the only editor for a while.
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• 9/30/2016

All admins

This wiki has little to no active members. Including admins, which isn't good, as one of the definitions of admin is "Someone who ACTIVELY monitors a place or business" and I've seen absolutely no admin activity for weeks perhaps months. So, I think, a member who will take care of the wiki and be active here should become an admin and build a team of admins. Who's with me?
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